Back to School Tips for Success

Last week I told you about The Secret to My Happiness: Gratitude.  I am grateful that I know about EFT Tapping now, and yet, I regularly think about how I wish I knew about it when I was in school.  I could have handled things so much more effectively.  Maybe you missed the boat (like I did) but your kids don’t have to.  With these back to school tips, you can start a successful year with these issues:

  • First Day Jitters & Nerves
  • Test Taking
  • Sports Performance and
  • Social Situations

First Day Jitters and Nerves.  If I had been able to Tap On It, each time I was feeling nervous, I could have enjoyed so much more of the excitement of a new school year.  Don’t get me wrong, I was the nerd who couldn’t wait to get back to school at the end of Summer.  Still, I could have walked in the door with more poise and confidence and gotten my studies off to a great start, which would have been cool, right?!  Back to School Tip #1: If you’re feeling nervous, what should you do? Tap On It!

Test Taking.  It is remarkable to me how much better I perform when I Tap On It.  If only I had this amazing tool back then, when test taking was a regular thing, I could have scored some really excellent grades with that extra edge.  I want to help you (or your kids) to use Tapping to build success at school.  Back to School Tip #2:  If you’re Taking a Test and want to do well, what should you do?  Tap On It!

Sports Performance.  I know how important energy, focus, and visualization are in Sports Performance and I am certain that I could have been more of an asset to my team if I had been EFT Tapping before practice and especially games.  What a Bonus!  Back to School Tip #3: If you play a sport, and would like to perform at your best, what should you do?  Tap On It!

Social Situations.  With all the fun I had in school, there were still plenty of times where the stress of social situations took its toll.  From clicks to crushes, EFT Tapping could have helped me navigate these situations without being bogged down by uncertainty and insecurities.  If I had Tapped whenever I felt uncomfortable, I could have avoided a lot of heart-ache and gained a ton of perspective.  Back to School Tip #4:  If you’re feeling challenged by a social situation, and you need some extra confidence, what should you do?  Tap On It!

To Start the School Year with Success:  Tap On It!  I’d be delighted to make anappointment with you.  If you give it a try, I imagine that you, too, will wish that you had known about it sooner.  Carpe Diem!  Seize the Day! & Tap away!!!

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If you or someone you know could benefit from the Healing that EFT Tapping has to offer, give me a call to make an appointment.  It may be just what you need to turn things around.  Please schedule a Phone or Skype session if you are unable to come into the Office.

Thank You!