EFT for Children

I was just “talking” with a mom online about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with her 2-year-old son.  She thought that he was too young for Tapping, so I thought I’d make a little “on the spot” video to demonstrate how you (she) can use EFT for Children.  It just happened to be bedtime around here at that moment, so I grabbed my little munchkin, Riley (2 years old) and had my hubby hold the video camera while I Tapped on Riley to help her go to sleep.  You might wonder now and again:  How to get a child to sleep?  Here’s the video:

How to Get a Child to Sleep – EFT for Children

You can see that Riley is a little giggly in the beginning of Tapping, and even somewhat in the middle, but as the energy starts to balance, she becomes calm and even zones out a bit.  You don’t get to see her laying down here, but I’m happy to report that she fell sound asleep just minutes after this video was taken, even with the excitement of being recorded and then wanting to “see herself” which was the goofy hand in the camera ending that I’m sure you loved, haha.

So, if you are wondering how to get a child to sleep, try EFT for Children.  It’s one simple tool that you can use.  You can learn Emotional Freedom Techniques here by following along, or having your child follow along, or simply using these methods for whatever your circumstances are.  Adapt to your own particular situation.  If you need help or want a private session, I am available for Phone or Skype Sessions, or you may make an appointment with me in my office if you happen to be in the Chicago area.

Note:  Normally I would Tap on Riley to help with sleep while she was laying in bed, or at least in the darkness of her bedroom.  Since that wouldn’t show up well on video, for lighting purposes we chose to Tap just outside her room.

Also, you don’t have to be a child for this to help you.  Sometimes I’m too energetic or excited to sleep, as well.  When that happens, I’ll Tap to calm myself down.  Try EFT for sleep, you’ll like it!!!