Love and Abundance

Are you feeling worn out with your daily grind?
Are you exhausted and feel like you just need a break?

Let’s get together to look at our lives
through a lens of awareness and awe
to energize ourselves out of a rut and into joy.

We will end the year 2012 mindfully
and begin the new year, 2013, empowered
and ready for more love and abundance.

Love and Abundance Class


When: Sundays, December 30th, 2012 – March 3rd, 2013
10 weeks 7:30-9pm
Where: 9201 S. Bell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60643
Tuition: $200/10 week course.
Early Bird Tuition: $180/10 week course if paid in full by 12/30/2012.
Please PayPal $50 to to hold your spot in the class.
Seating is limited.

What to expect:
We will begin and end each class with a short
and practical group meditation led by Erin.
During our time together, we will discuss our own issues,
“what’s up,” in a safe, supportive, collaborative,
and uplifting environment while focusing
our intention on love, happiness and abundance.

You will gain practical tips, tools and knowledge
to handle your day to day stresses and challenges
in your every day life.

We may use outside materials such as books, movies,
articles, etc. to help inform our discussions and to
create a common language for our group.

Erin will guide our discussions of
Universal concepts and ideas and help to
answer questions when they come up.

In order to support our work together,
we may use writing exercises, meditation,
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Vision Boards, etc.

We will use these “take home” tools to grow and
strengthen ourselves in a very practical way in our daily lives.

Are you ready to bring more love and abundance in your life?
If the answer is YES, sign up now to ensure you are included.

Please PayPal $50 to
to hold your spot in the class. Balance due by 01/06/2013.

Erin Muldoon Stetson
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Phone: 773-484-8925

Click here to make a private appointment with Erin Muldoon Stetson by phone, Skype or in-person.