Here I am, overwhelmed, trying to fit my life into 24 hours a day.  It seems IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Every time I get on a roll with something, I get distracted.  The phone rings, my email pings, the painting in my office is crooked, or there’s a knock at the door.

How am I ever supposed to get anything DONE around here???

Deep Breath.


and do EFT for Stress Relief.

I Tap on the Karate Chop Spot.  (It’s on the side of my hand, where I would break a piece of wood).  Tap along with me and say:

“Even though I feel overwhelmed and like there’s not enough time in the day, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“Even though I am totally stressed because I have like a million things on my list and it’s totally overwhelming, I’m still a really good person.”

“Even though I am constantly feeling like I am playing catch up and can never seem to get caught up, I forgive myself for feeling overwhelmed.  It’s okay, I can relax now.”

Then Tap on all of the points.

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