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Emotional Freedom Technique


Erin Muldoon Stetson uses Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapy (EFT Tapping) to free your mind, heal your body, and evolve your spirit.  This is her most versatile and effective tool to help you on your journey.    

Erin is one of the world’s leading EFT Tapping practitioners.  This exciting cutting edge healing modality is a unique combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology.  It is a gentle process, sort of like acupuncture but without needles. 

EFT harnesses the power of the mind/body connection to help your body heal from a wide range of ailments and problems, including excruciating back pain, debilitating phobias, migraine headaches, feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.  You will experience relief with this swift and effective tool and even learn how to use it yourself. 

Erin loves to teach YOU how to use EFT Tapping yourself so that you will be able to take the healing home with you and use it in your everyday life.  This is life-changing and invaluable.  Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn from the best!

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or “EFT Tapping” is an alternative form of healing, like acupuncture but without needles.  It is a combination of ancient Chinese knowledge and modern psychology.  The healing is profound and transformational.

EFT breathes fresh air into the emotional therapy process by accessing the Chinese meridian system for fast and effective relief.  While acupuncture, acupressure and the like have been primarily focused on physical ailments, EFT stands back from this ancient process and points it directly at emotional issues.  These, in turn, often provide benefits for performance and physical issues.  It is dramatically different from conventional therapy practices and often works where nothing else will.  If you are looking for something conventional, you came to the wrong place.

EFT Tapping Point Diagram

EFT Tapping Point Diagram

In essence, EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don’t use needles. Instead, we use a simple two pronged process wherein we (1) mentally “tune in” to specific issues while (2) stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. When properly done, EFT balances disturbances in the meridian system and thus often shortens the healing process of conventional therapy procedures from months or years down to minutes or hours. Further, the basic method is very portable and can benefit most people.

How Many EFT Sessions Do I Need?

While you can experience tremendous healing in a single session, having the opportunity to learn how to heal yourself with EFT Tapping in the 8 sessions included in the Personal Transformation Package will propel your healing forward in ways that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. The things that you will learn, and the methods that you will use with Erin are gifts that will keep giving throughout your journey. With each new session, you will learn, grow, and gain an ever-increasing awareness of what is possible, honing your skills along with your happiness.

If you have family and friends who you would like to join you on your journey to personal transformation, you may also be interested in the Share the Journey Family Package. Click the links below for more information.

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