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Kind Words & Miracles


As some of you may have seen, I was suffering from a debilitating and persistent headache for a few days this week. I tried several different things to make it subside, but the only one that worked was my EFT (tapping) session with Erin Stetson on 95th Street in EP. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was truly amazing.

If you’re feeling physical pain, anxiety, or just feel out of balance, I really suggest you give Erin a call.

If you’ve never heard of EFT and tapping you can learn more (and get Erin’s contact info) at http://taponit.com/what-is-eft/

Thanks for the healing, Erin!!!

Tricia F.


Yep! I had a therapist who used it to release trauma and PTSD. I now am working with a friend who is a practitioner and my whole life has changed!

Alicia R.


Thank you thank you for the beautiful images you put in my head! Made a world of difference!!!! Your perspective is so peaceful and refreshing! It is just what I needed. And what you said about centering myself not only being important to me but for Lexi, really hit home. I have to make sure I’m not casting my fears onto her. I can not thank you enough!

Rebecca S.


And we are fortunate enough to have Erin Muldoon Stetson right here in Chicago! Of all the EFT practitioners I’ve experienced these last dozen years, I believe she is the most talented, skilled, and productive. She has a gentle, effective way of getting right into the heart of a problem and thereby, affecting quick and amazing results. Oh. And did I say I’d enthusiastically recommend Erin? 🙂

Carol A., on Facebook


It’s like magic. I’ve seen what Erin can do…and yeah, it’s like magic.

Aileen H., after working with her 8 year old son on focus


Fabulous class last night at Tap On It with the one and only Erin Muldoon Stetson, the EFT queen!

Markay B., on Facebook


Erin, is a wonderful friend, healer and has taken my Lightworker Apprenticeship Program. She is offering a Class on EFT. Take a look. She really is talented and amazing at what she does.

Elias P.


Her techniques have worked wonders on me! I highly recommend taking the classes…

Monique M.


You’re amazing and have helped my son so much with EFT!!

Grayce C.


Thank you very very much for the wonderful chat. I feel like you helped me organically move away from a place of judgment into a place of love — and it was an authentic place of love. Not just like “Boo. love your neighbor. c’mon.” But you helped me arrive there and feel aligned with it and not like I was cheating myself. So amazing.

Rachael A.


I agree with all the suggestions above and one other thing to consider is EFT tapping. I have had a lot of pain in my neck and back as well and it worked wonders for me. Erin Muldoon Stetson is a local EFT practitioner.

Kelly S., on Facebook


I…sought help from Erin this month. She helped me see possibilities and also helped me recognize some signs that kept appearing in my life. I’m very grateful for your help, Erin. It was much needed and truly helped me find a sense of direction.

Lee S., via email to Lightworkers group


Erin Muldoon Stetson, superpower : visualization to realization.

Renee M.


This session was really intense. I honestly felt so much better for months. It was so hard watching this but I tapped along. I will def be back! You are amazing. Thank you. It was life changing.

Eva S., on Facebook after tapping on pain from car accident/back pain, etc.


Erin Muldoon Stetson, thank you for shining the light in certain areas of my life where I need to be more compassionate and less judgmental. I thank you for walking beside me during my journey and really helping get through so big stuff! I love and respect you more than Words could ever express! Thank you!

Alicia R., on Facebook


Absolutely awesome video. I am so blessed to have you as a guide! I need to be telling my story Erin!!! Telling it to anyone who will listen! Thank you times a million for teaching me this gift and for helping me work through my whole list of contributing factors to the many ailments I lived with for so long! So thankful to not be at that place and I will forever be using EFT!

Rebecca S., on Facebook


I feel amazing today! I do not feel angry, spiteful, hurt, frustrated or depressed. I feel so light and happy. I feel like this huge dark cloud has been pushed away and I can see the beautiful sky again. K ending our relationship happened at the perfect time. I had a tapping session yesterday working on my insecurities with relationships, money, and body image. What a perfect time for a relationship to end. Phew. I feel I wouldn’t have been able to handle this well if it would have happened one day prior to this session.

Another interesting thing happened yesterday… I stopped at my parents house to eat my lunch before I met with Erin. The only thing I brought in was my bag of food. Somehow one of my stones ended up in my food bag and my parents found it. It was green aventurine which is a good over all healer and harmonizer. Interesting because my parents are in desperate need of healing and harmonizing. I told my mom to cleanse it and keep it in the house. They patently need it more than I do . How it got out of my bag and into their house I have no idea. Kinda crazy weird!

Alicia R., in Lightworker’s Apprenticeship Group


Erin is not only a phenomenal practitioner, she’s an amazing person as well. After just one session, I felt significant relief in my chronically tight shoulder blade that has bothered me for years. I plan to go back as soon as possible to release it completely. I would recommend Erin to anyone looking to release tension and stress whether it is just from the stresses of daily living or a significant traumatic event.

Cristin M., on Yelp


I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about tapping but after sitting through a demonstration of how it works and utilizing it on myself, I became a believer. It amazed me how my pain seemed to just disappear and stayed away! Erin is a very gifted listener and truly cares about healing you. I highly recommend her services!

Kelly S.


I went to Erin because I was in physical pain. Her loving spirit and generosity of heart (as well as the tapping!) went a very long way in healing the issues I brought to her. I highly recommend Erin.

Cathy S., on Yelp


Erin is passionate,insightful and very intuitive and has a healing heart and very confident in her ability to get to the root of the problem. I couldn’t be more happy to have attracted her in my life and know that if I ever get stuck, she will tap until the block opens up to the truth of what we are… Love and light… Always shining.

Carl K., on Yelp


Saw Erin yesterday to help me transition from a very stressful corporate job to doing my own business and was amazed how much looser my ‘weight of the world’ shoulders felt, my ice craving diminished, stress level went to very low, my tension I’ve had for 6 months in my big toe dissipated and my chronic back pain went to a zero in pain. She also recorded a tapping so I can do it at home. Erin is very aware and in tune with mind/body connection and enjoyable to work with. Would recommend her to anyone suffering pain or stuffing down emotions.

Amy W.

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